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// Events + Insights for the Future of Social

October 15-16, 2013

Pivot is an annual conference for senior executives driving Social initiatives at Big Brands and the organizations that serve them. Held in NY City in October and hosted by author and Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis, Pivot is not a Social media conference, nor even a traditional conference at all. Pivot is as close to a true Social community of powerful leaders as a physical gathering can be. In our incisive on-stage conversations, the speakers contribute to the audience, the audience contributes to the speakers and everyone contributes to one another. The result is a singularity that defines the heart of Social Business for the year ahead.

October 13-19, 2013

Social Week is not an event itself, but rather a larger concept, 7 days in October, in New York, packed with best-of-breed Social media events, with Pivot as a cornerstone of it, joined by events and activities from across the Social spectrum from many organizations. The result is one place and one time where companies, thought leaders, influential press and investors can all get the greatest amount of the most important work done, a nexus for influence, relationship building, information exchange and branding.

Social Week 2012 featured more than 5,000 Social Professionals participating in events such as Pivot,  The Business of API Conference, Glimpse: Content Discovery Conference, Influencer Marketing Summit, Mobile Gaming Summit, sessions from the NY Times, Bloomberg, American Express, WOMMA and more than two dozen others. Social Week is the essential professional in-gathering of the emerging Social industry. It is on a path to become the central event experience for Social professionals, much as Fashion Week is for its industry.

The Tomorrow Project produces two sets of unique and powerful dinner series each year.

Tomorrow Project Private Infuence Dinners are held every 4-6 weeks during the year and each night of Social Week. They utilize state-of-the-art Social Analytics and TTP’s deep relationship with Social executives, to bring together select power groups on behalf of major brands and technology companies. The dinners are carefully crafted to drive a particular company’s business objective.

TTP’s lead conference, Pivot, holds four invitation-only VIP Dinners of its own each summer, in NY, San Francisco and Los Angeles. These dinners bring together 40-50 extraordinary people drawn from Pivot speakers and advisors, Social Week partners and sponsors, friends from start-ups, big companies, venture and culture. They feature Pivot’s host, Brian Solis, in conversation with famous, powerful or simply fascinating figures from the Social Business universe. Held in a great restaurant in each city, Pivot VIP dinners bring together Pivot’s elite over fine food and world class wine.

While it is the very nature of Social Businesses to be data focused and adept at mining Social graphs, true market-making research requirements in the Social era often extend beyond the available resources of a single organization……and that is where The Tomorrow Project can help.

What Kind of Research Does The Tomorrow Project Do?

MARKET-MAKING TRUTH. Social demands market sizing, buyer/seller behavior delineation and description, and other root truths companies need to focus their activities in the market. With years of experience at Ziff-Davis and Softbank defining earlier emerging tech markets, TTP is well resourced
and positioned to drive these initiatives.

ANALYTIC FRAMEWORKS. As Social disrupts consumer behavior, the measures used to identify and measure audiences, buyer sets and prospect universes are wildly out of phase with emerging reality. Every corner of Social demands new analytic frameworks that allow vendors to accurately portray who they reach and let buyers from major organizations feel confident that they can measure what they have bought. TTP can spearhead initiatives to engineer new, cross-company and crossplatform market measures.

EDGE RESEARCH. The explosion of data about consumer behavior spurred by Social and mobile has created radical new approaches to research. TTP, with access to dozens of state-of-the-art Social analytics platforms, specializes in translating Social data into market truth. We can undertake projects based purely on Social data or those that use Social data to backfill or illuminate results obtained by traditional surveys.

In addition to producing research, TTP can assist with distribution of your research to our community, which includes The Social Vanguard, who are driving Social initiatives in large organizations as well as Social leaders at agencies, technology companies and beyond.