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// Events + Insights for the Future of Social


The Tomorrow Project, LLC seeks deep relationships with journalists, bloggers and thinkers focused on the changes in business and society wrought by the emergence of the Social Construct.  The Social Construct is nothing less than a change in how people have chosen to live. The current generation has discovered the first ever opportunity, via Social, to interact with technology in a purely human fashion. Social lets people do what they have always done, but expanded and intensified.  And people worldwide have willingly altered the way they live: how they buy, date, learn, celebrate, mourn, tell tall tales, build influence, choose leaders.

We can contribute to stories, help provide access to brand leaders, develop stories in the Social sphere. We develop infrographics, produce Video Town Halls and create other unique content from the Social Business edge.

We invite the most influential journalists to our VIP Dinners and to Pivot.

Let’s talk about how we can work together. Reach out to Mike Edelhart, our CEO, @MikeEdehart on Twitter.