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// Events + Insights for the Future of Social


The emergence of online Social networks has, for the first time, allied the power of technology with natural human behavior. As a result, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have chosen to make these networks central to how they live, shop, work and even govern themselves. The result is a powerful new Social Construct, the most powerful human transformation ever affected by technology and, through THOSE EMPOWERED, the most disruptive force among organizations since the Industrial Revolution. Enriched by the online cloud and expanded by mobile, the Social Construct is enabling people to create a radically altered future for themselves and those they care about.

The Tomorrow Project seeks to be the most flexible yet focused, powerful yet approachable partner for those organizations at the forefront of understanding, building and benefiting from the Social Construct. The Social Construct is nothing less than a change in how people have chosen to live. The current generation has discovered the first ever opportunity, via Social, to interact with technology in a purely human fashion. Social lets people do what they have always done, but expanded and intensified.  And people worldwide have willingly altered the way they live: how they buy, date, learn, celebrate, mourn, tell tall tales, build influence, choose leaders.

We accomplish this through events, both public –notably the Pivot conference and Social Week — and private; research, and a wide range or partnership activities and facilitations. Our projects help organizations understand that a human-centric worldwide network has impacts beyond changing the way organizations communicate. This network allows them to nurture connections all the humans that matter to them—from employees, to prospects, to governments, to their largest customers– and demands that they develop new products and management methods in order to grow their businesses toward a future where traditional approaches to success will no longer hold. As in every revolution, the winners will gain outsized advantages and build enormous wealth; the losers will struggle.

The Tomorrow Project, LLC is here to help those who will win.

The Team